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Murray Greys
Murray Grey breed
The Murray Grey breed was developed from an initial chance breeding of a black Aberdeen Angus bull and a roan Shorthorn cow in 1905. The resulting calves were bred on the Thologolong property along the Murray River n New South Wales by Peter and Ena Sutherland. These unusually colored cattle grew quickly, were good feed converters and produced high quality beef.

Breed Characteristics
The Murray Grey is known world-wide for the economically important traits of calving ease, feed efficiency and carcass quality. Naturally polled and will pass this characteristic along to all offspring.

Murray Grey cattle are a true medium-framed animal able to maintain body condition easily without consuming large amounts of forage. They performed well in the historic Texas Drought of 2011.

Calving Ease
Calves are small when born, grow quicly and are adaptable to all climates...even the scorching heat of Texas summers.

Docile to work with, although cows are very protective of young calves

Hair color ranges from very light silver to dark gray. Their skin has a dark pigmentation which helps prevent cancer eye, photosensitivity reactions and sunburned udders. In heat stress trials they outperformed other breeds by  producing the highest average daily weight gains over specified perionds, primarily attributed to their lighter colored coats. 

Beef Quality
Many butchers prefer Murray Grey beef for the consisent reliability of quality and tenderness. We focus on constantly improving our genetics to produce the best marbling and tenderness for cattle in our breeding program. One of two breeds desired internationally.

Cross breeding: Our customers are reporting excellent results when breeding purebred Murray Grey bulls to other breeds such as Wagyu, Angus, Hereford and various commercial herds.